Six Sonatas for flute and continuo by Nicolas Chedeville

(attributed to Antonio Vivaldi)

Rita D'Arcangelo, Flute

Alberto Mammarella, Harpsichord

© 2010 Wide Classique

Rita D'Arcangelo, Flute

Giuliano Mazzoccante, Piano

© 2012 Wide Classique



Monographic CD created under the patronage of the Max Reger  Institute Karlsruhe and the German radio SWR

© 2005 MRI

Award of Excellence in the category Instrumental Performance Solo at the Global Music Awards, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Rita D'Arcangelo, Flute

© 2015 Centaur

A true virtuoso program of works for flute by a wide, diverse array of composers stretching across the Classical and Romantic eras and extending into the 20th c.

Rita D'Arcangelo and Jakub Kosciuszko present their first album with the magical repertoire for flute and guitar, enriched by fascinating transcriptions.

Rita D'Arcangelo, Flute

Jakub Kościuszko, Guitar

© 2016 QBK

Gold Medal Winner - Award of Excellence Global Music Awards, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

An original selection of works for solo flute by J.S. Bach and C. Ph. E. Bach, as well as works by J.S. Bach transcribed for flute by Rita D'Arcangelo.

Rita D'Arcangelo, Flauto

© 2017 Centaur