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With its exceptionally supple sound, the flute makes an ideal “conversation” partner for the piano, and the chamber music repertoire for the pairing includes works of great importance and beauty, as well as a series of transcriptions and virtuoso pieces. Anyone who wants to explore this treasure house can do no better than start with this double CD, which is also a showcase for the work of one of the very best flautists on the international scene, Rita D’Arcangelo, who, despite her youth, possesses not only a sound technique but also an outstanding performing instinct. In this double issue, in partnership with the excellent pianist Giuliano Mazzoccante, D’Arcangelo conveys the extraordinary potential of her instrument (a superb example in 14K gold by Kanichi Nagahara) in a programme subdivided into two parts: the first CD is dedicated to virtuoso works, with dizzyingly difficult pieces such as François Borne’s “Carmen Fantasy” and the “Introduction and Variations on a Theme by Rossini” by Jean Louis Tulou (generally considered to be one of the fathers of the technical evolution of the flute) alternating with compositions that exploit the melodious qualities of the instrument, such as Fritz Kreisler’s transcription of his own “Liebeslied” and the “Berceuse” by Gabriel Fauré. In the second CD her virtuoso technique is less to the fore than her interpretative sensibility and her skill at engaging in dialogue (and sometimes in combat) with the piano in the transcription of César Franck’s “Sonata in A Major” (originally composed for violin and piano) and Prokofiev’s “Sonata in D Major” (which Oistrakh persuaded the composer to transcribe for violin and piano). Two hugely demanding works that bring out the very best in Rita D’Arcangelo, with astonishingly accomplished, fluid phrasing and tonal shading that brings a lump to the throat. No less a performance comes from her accompanist, Giulio Mazzoccante, who skilfully exploits his instrument’s tessitura to enhance the flute’s singing voice. It comes as no surprise then to learn that this double CD has received an “Award of Excellence” in the instrumental category at the Global Music Awards in Los Angeles.

Andrea Bedetti

(traslated by John Millerchip)




The superb young flautist Rita D’Archangelo has brought out a new double CD which has already received excellent reviews on the international critical scene. The first disc includes three well-known and much-loved pieces: Il carnevale di Venezia by Briccialdi, Liebesleid by Kreisler and La Ronde des Lutins by Bazzini. The second presents two cornerstones of the flute repertoire: César Franck’s Sonata in A major and Sergei Prokofiev’s fiendishly difficult Sonata in D Major. D’Arcangelo gives ideal performances of all these works, attuning her tone and technique to the demands of each piece.

Gabriele Formenti

(traslated by John Millerchip)

Tempo Flûte - Revue de L’association d’historie de la flûte française, N° 9 - Premier semestre 2014, pag. 63

La flûtiste italienne Rita D’Arcangelo publie chez Wide Classic un nouvel enregistrement, récompensé d’un Global Music Awards en 2013, consacré à des piéces de virtuosité (CD1) et deux chefs-d’œuvre du répertoire des XIXe et XXe siécles (CD2). Les qualités de chant et de virtuosité de la soliste sont mises en valeur dans des piéces brillantes (Tulou, Variations; Born, Carmen; Bazzini, Ronde des Lutins, Briccialdi, Carnaval de Venise). Le deuxiéme CD dévoile une autre facette de sa musicalité. Les sonates de Frank et de Prokofiev sont toujorus un défi à relever, par leurs places centrales dans le répertoire et par les références incontournables dans la discographie que tous les flûtistes connaissent. Rita D’Arcangelo trouve sa place grâce à un engagement sans faille, une belle endurance mais aussi grâce au piano sensible, profond et attentif de Giuliano Mazzoccante.

Philippe François